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Hey friend! I’m Carey !

I am a mom to 4 grown children, wife of 27 years  to my very supportive husband.
I have always had a love of crafting. It doesn’t matter what the medium is — whether it be Epoxy free tumblers, to stickers, to anything really — I just love to create and I always want to try all the new crafting trends.

Things I enjoy are spending time with my family, friends, camping, fitness classes, and running.

You will find most of my products are self-representation of what I believe try to live by or strive to do. I am just over 4 years sober and so sobriety is a passion and I want to help “normalize” sobriety. So you will find many sobriety and recovery items here. I also believe that in order to be the very best version of yourself, you must love yourself enough, whatever your enough may be. I have more than one “enough” myself — I love myself enough to practice sobriety and I love myself enough to try my hardest at self love.


Currently my favorite things to make are tumblers and stickers. I feel I can really express my creativity through all the pretty glitters, designs, and sayings. I love how the glitter tumblers turn out and it’s hard to let them go, I want to keep them all for myself. Stickers are a great way to give self reminders, expression, and make a statement as well.
My husband is my best friend and always up for whatever shenanigans I want to do from painting rocks, to tumblers, and running races. You can find him by my side.

Let’s Hang

Let’s Hang


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I am 4 years sober, and my goal with my products is to normalize sobriety. This is really important to me!

I love fitness

I’m also a fitness junkie! I love to run, hike, and take group fitness classes. 

MY favorite things to make

Tumblers and stickers. My tumblers are hard to let go after I create them, and stickers are such a great way to express yourself. 


My family! My husband and my children mean the world to me, and they have been my rock through my struggles with sobriety and they are my biggest supporters!

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